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Bits and Pieces of My Life


I was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado and learned to ski before I learned to properly walk. I grew up running through mountain valleys, climbing any large boulders I could find, swimming in icy streams, and can scarcely remember a time when I didn't have a single bruise or scrape. I carry that into every aspect of my life with an insatiable desire to explore and come up with crazy, but doable ideas.

As a designer, I am a strong generalist, but I most excel at conducting research and finding concrete ways to design solutions to the needs and issues identified. To me, design is an art of creative problem-solving and rigorous validation. I am an interdisciplinary thinker with a deep love of collaboration and discussions that build off of what each person knows until they create something better than any one person ever could have.

My Design Priorities and Principles:

  • Ethical: Designs should not seek to mislead users. User trust is essential for both moral and business success.
  • Inclusive/Accessible: Accessibility helps all users and all users should be considered in order to minimize exclusion or negative impact. I believe in testing for quality of experience rather than base-line compliance. 
  • Data Driven: Whenever possible, decisions should be rooted in real data or research.
  • Based in System Thinking: I believe it is essential to consider how the product fits into the broader system and attempt to predict second order effects as much as possible.
  • Community Led: Any design should come from a need in a community and involve frequent collaboration with and feedback from that community.
  • Immersive/Imaginative: Our designs should be windows into another dimension and augment what we are capable of without them.

A Few Crazy Adventures:

  • Walked and cross country skied through -25F weather (without wind chill) for 6 miles to see the first sunrise of the year at the Maroon Bells
  • Hiked through knee to thigh deep mud for 10 days on Stewart Island in New Zealand (Northwest Circuit)
  • Climbed many class 3 or higher mountains in Colorado
  • Hiked a mile up the snow covered ski slopes at night to a small cabin entirely on crutches and one leg due to a torn ACL (from a cliff drop gone wrong)


Work Timeline